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The unique equipment manufactured and used by The Pro Maxcare is based upon a scientifically proven system which was originally developed in Europe in the early 1980’s.

Our scientists and engineers made significant improvements to the efficiency of this system and adapted it so that it could also be used to treat pillows, duvets, carpets, rugs and upholstery where necessary.

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The mattress is, without distrust, the dirtiest object we have close contact with. While we sleep, our bodies dispel millions of dead skin cells every night.

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Recent research shows that even after daily vacuming, a carpet will still harbors dirt and bacteria which is harmful to people's health and the lifespan of the carpet.

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95% of today's fabric window coverings cannot be dry cleaned with the traditional in-plant method. We can clean any type of window covering fabric

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Sofa & Upholstery

People sitting on sofa, shed dead skin and perspire which is another perfect environment for dust mites and other microorganisms.

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