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Dust & Mite Cleaning Services in Dubai

Protect your love ones & stay away from all viruses, allergies & asthma problems.
Breath Fresh Air, Get A Good Sleep
And Stay Healthy With Our Complete
Hygiene Solution And Sanitization
Do You Know Who You're
Sharing Your Bed With?
Mites Feces, Bacteria,
Dust, Dust Mites,
Perspiration, Viruses
Breath Fresh Air And Combat Indoor Allergies Advanced AC & Duct Cleaning Services Eliminate Other Viruses
Eliminate Covid-19
Quality Disinfection services

We are a renowned hygiene cleaning service providers, delivering instant solutions to all your home maintenance needs in Dubai. We have the expertise and experience in dust, mite, and allergen removal services for nearly 20 years, using specialized hygienic cleaning techniques and a dedication to providing the finest service. We work with a group of professionals who genuinely appreciate how crucial it is to provide thorough house cleaning services; as a result, they always provide their best effort, regardless of the project’s nature, to help you feel at ease, assured, and pleased with how clean your home is.

Our approach as a renowned cleaning service in Dubai towards work is highly professional as our technicians follow strict cleaning protocols like wearing gloves, PPEs, and head and shoe covers. All equipment and tools are sanitized and disinfected. The towels and microfiber cloths we use for surface cleaning are always new and hygienic with protective packing. The products we use are safe for human health and are approved by MOH/DHA. Our hygiene cleaning solutions including mattress cleaning , sofa cleaning, ac duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and water tank cleaning caters to a wide range of clientele, offering unique sanitization and disinfection services necessary for health hygiene cleaning that are entirely focused on customer gratification. In case you are in need of any sort of home care services in Dubai at the most affordable rates, get in touch with us and know more about our handyman services.


    Pro Maxcare Services


    Mattress Cleaning Services

    A mattress is a significant investment, and we recognize the importance of long-term care. The cleaning methods and technology our service providers use to clean mattresses are completely safe and effective. The products we use are non-toxic and safe for children and pets.


    Sofa Cleaning Services

    Our sofa cleaning service Dubai is not only the best in town, but it's also very affordable. With the use of sophisticated processes and harmless chemicals, and in the supervision of experts we clean by preserving the color, quality, and texture of your sofa.


    Curtain Cleaning Services

    Dirty curtains can be the source of many diseases and a way of causing allergies to both kids and adults. We provide professional deep cleaning of curtains made of cotton, silk, or fancy lace-textured material. Our specialists ensure that the laundry service we provide is of the highest quality.


    Carpet Cleaning Services

    We use modern equipment and eco-friendly shampoo to ensure that your expensive carpet is cleaned and sanitized to the deepest level. Our carpet cleaning services in Dubai only uses certified methods and products in order to keep the delicate textile and color of the carpet intact.


    Mattress Shampoo Cleaning Services

    Our unrivaled mattress cleaning service uses a number of technologies and products to properly and deeply sterile mattresses. Our diverse services include vacuuming, steaming, and shampooing.


    Ac Duct Cleaning Services

    Our technical team will completely clean your entire AC duct system using chemical-free bio-sanitizers to keep the air quality of your space fresh and non-toxic. Our ac duct cleaning service in Dubai will clean the entire system with minimal hassle.


    Disinfection services

    Regular cleaning usually only removes dirt, soil, litter, and other chemical particles from surfaces. Microscopic organisms bacteria and viruses need special treatment from disinfecting products and advanced equipment. We provide complete house disinfection services in Dubai.


    Water Tank Cleaning Services

    Pro Maxcare provides professional water tank cleaning facilities by experts who have ample experience in the field. Our experts clean the water tanks inside and out completely and remove algae, mold, and all other harmful bacteria from the tank. We only use municipality-approved chemicals to ensure health safety protocols.


    Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services

    Kitchen duct cleaning is an important part of the house cleaning regime because it reduces fire risks and public hazards. We have all the right equipment and expertise to clean the kitchen ducts and make them work at their best.


    How We Work?


    Schedule an appointment online or over the phone.

    Inspection/ Cleaning

    The professionals will come to your location. The cleaning process begins when the inspection is completed.

    Enjoy Clean Space

    You can sit back and relax as our team cleans your home while you focus on other crucial responsibilities. Pay by cash or by your credit/debit card.


    Why Choose Us?

    Flexible Booking Dates

    You can use our hygiene solutions company services in Dubai at any time, any day of the week. We offer services that will suit the needs of all our customers.

    Affordable Pricing

    As compared to all other companies, our hygiene cleaning services stand out from the rest in terms of quality and affordability.

    Professional Cleaning Standard

    We value excellence and customer satisfaction at the highest level. All of our employees have more than two years of hygiene solutions work experience with additional training.

    Excellent Customer Support

    Our round-the-clock customer service ensures that all of your queries are answered on time, as we place great importance on customer happiness.


    Who We Serve?

    According to us, there is no cleaning job too big or too small!















    Reshma Menezes

    “We opted for deep cleaning of our mattresses and AC duct cleaning. There is very marked difference in the quality of the air after the cleaning and our mattresses smells fresh. We were very impressed by the level of commitment from all those involved, the marketing team, the receptionist as well as cleaning technicians. I would recommend this service to anyone whose home has elderly, children, pets or sick”

    Orsolya Halasz

    “The guys have done a phenomenal job, they were on time, they were clean, effective and most importantly did an amazing quality on the deep clean. I can only recommend their services! Very reasonable on the pricing too for an annual contract. Thank you!”

    Veggie Nomads

    “We used pro max care services for deep cleaning and also shampooing our sofa and rugs. Never knew that our sofa had so much of dust until they cleaned and showed us the result. Very happy with their service. They were on time and also very polite and professional. Will recommend pro max care services to everyone those who have allergy with dust.”

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