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Breath Fresh Air, Get A Good Sleep
And Stay Healthy With Our Complete
Hygiene Solution And Sanitization
Protect your love ones & stay away from all viruses, allergies & asthma problems.
Do You Know Who You're
Sharing Your Bed With?
Mites Feces, Bacteria,
Dust, Dust Mites,
Perspiration, Viruses
Breath Fresh Air And Combat Indoor Allergies Advanced AC & Duct Cleaning Services Eliminate Other Viruses
Eliminate Covid-19
Quality Disinfection services

About Pro MaxCare

We have 20+ years of experience

With 2 decades of experience in the industry, Pro Maxcare has helped numerous satisfied customers across the region in keeping their family and homes safe through our wide range of hygienic solutions which helps to improve the quality of air, disinfection of all surfaces, and extraction of pollutants from furniture. We persist to advance in technology and strive to incorporate innovative advancements in our services. Being a proud ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we are dedicated to create clean, safe, and healthy environments for both commercial and residential spaces.

Dust in these regions is unfortunately in abundance because of the environments dry or arid characteristics. Due to which, we spend most of our time indoors, completely unaware about the pollutants incubating in the furniture, air, and surfaces of our homes, buildings, or any other kind of facility, and the health concerns raised by this issue continue unchecked.

House dust mites are microscopic arachnids that can be found in homes all around the world. They will produce approximately 2,000 fecal pellets and secrete even more proteins through their saliva – both of which can trigger allergies and impact your wellbeing. They feed on dead skin cells and the regional humidity provides an environment suitable breeding.

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    What Our Customers Say About Us


    Reshma Menezes

    “We opted for deep cleaning of our mattresses and AC duct cleaning. There is very marked difference in the quality of the air after the cleaning and our mattresses smells fresh. We were very impressed by the level of commitment from all those involved, the marketing team, the receptionist as well as cleaning technicians. I would recommend this service to anyone whose home has elderly, children, pets or sick”

    Orsolya Halasz

    “The guys have done a phenomenal job, they were on time, they were clean, effective and most importantly did an amazing quality on the deep clean. I can only recommend their services! Very reasonable on the pricing too for an annual contract. Thank you!”

    Veggie Nomads

    “We used pro max care services for deep cleaning and also shampooing our sofa and rugs. Never knew that our sofa had so much of dust until they cleaned and showed us the result. Very happy with their service. They were on time and also very polite and professional. Will recommend pro max care services to everyone those who have allergy with dust.”

    We Are Committed To Deliver Maximum Health