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Best AC Duct Cleaning Company in Dubai

AC Duct Cleaning At A Reasonable Price

Pro-maxcare is a reputable hygiene cleaning solutions company operating Dubai-wide with a specialized team of technicians and professionals offering complete AC duct cleaning and AC maintenance solutions in Dubai, UAE. Working as a leading AC cleaning company, we provide modernized and safe AC duct cleaning services in Dubai with state-of-the-art equipment and practiced techniques to remove all forms of contaminants inside the duct system. We can clean and repair any AC duct regardless of being hard-to-reach and at any location in the UAE. Over the years, dust mites, dirt, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander can accumulate in your ductwork, leading to allergy problems harmful to your health like asthma, compromised airflow from the air ducts, and poor indoor air quality. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioner every other season will assist in preventing many harmful diseases.

Pro-maxcare, Dubai ac cleaning specialists begin by inspecting the complete system, which includes the air conditioning unit, coil, ductwork, filter, drain pan, registers, grills, blower, and motor assembly. If your pipes need to be cleaned, our technicians will use a powerful rotating brush to remove the debris and grime on the surface of air ducts. The dynamic vacuum removes debris, dust, and grime from the ducts, thus improving indoor quality. The filthy items are then escorted out of your home and discarded. Cleaning your A/C and air ducts is not a do-it-yourself home maintenance service project. Schedule an appointment with the top air vent cleaning service in Dubai today, or get an online quote if you can’t recall the last time your ducts were cleaned!

Our Services

  • Washing, draining, and removal of unhealthy debris
  • Use of high-tech cleaning equipment and protection of sensitive areas
  • In and out pipes scrubbing
  • Dubai Municipality Approved Disinfectant
  • Air filter scrubbing
  • Sanitization and disinfection
  • Coil cooling
  • Quality services with use of industrial-grade cleaning machines
  • Tray cleaning
  • Cavity area clearance of debris
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Post service restoration of the system
  • Service certificate


Bad Odor Removal

Bad odor in your house can be a huge turn-off for you and your guests, and you don’t want to work in a bad-smelling office. Mold and bacteria have accumulated in your air duct system, giving off an unpleasant odor. Air fresheners are only a temporary fix; however, as one of the professional ac duct cleaning companies in Dubai we thoroughly clean all ducts and vents in order to  eliminate all impurities and leaves the pipes as clean as new.

Protection form Allergens

Some people are allergic to various airborne particles that are nearly imperceptible to the naked eye. Allergies can be triggered by unclean and filthy ductwork. Our AC duct cleaning service in Dubai specializes in treatments to eliminate allergens and prevent them from returning to your home.

Healthy Environment

Air ducts that are clogged might lead to major health issues. Residents breathe air that passes through unclean ducts. Cleaning these air pipes on a regular basis reduces the number of impurities in the air and delivers cleaner air.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Service

Our fully trained specialists provide the finest AC duct cleaning services in Dubai. They have the required skills and expertise that lead them to take care of the entire system professionally.

High-Caliber Quality

We promise to maintain the highest standards of quality  in all fronts of house cleaning service by using modern tools and machines with special tested methods for our ac vent cleaning Dubai.

Eco-friendly Products

As a renowned AC duct cleaning service in Dubai, we strive to keep our environment clean and safe for everyone. We use environmentally friendly products for all commissions.

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A significant benefit of AC duct cleaning in Dubai is that you get a better and cleaner environment to breathe in. The process removes all forms of pathogens and dirt particles that allow AC to give off fresh and pleasant air. Cleaned air and reduced energy bills are two major benefits our ac deep cleaning Dubai offer.

You can easily book an appointment on call or via the website and schedule a time for the team to arrive at your premises. You should avail of this at least once a year for improved health benefits.

A clogged air duct might reduce the system’s efficiency and raise energy bills. So, it is better to use the duct cleaning service and restore the HVAC system’s efficiency.

Almost one to two hours are required, or it depends on the size of the AC ducts.

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