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Best Disinfection Services in Dubai

Leading Company in The Field of Disinfection & Sanitization

We are a trustworthy hygiene solutions company providing satisfactory COVID home sanitization and disinfection services in Dubai. When we deep clean our homes to get rid of all the harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and allergens, we often use soaps and detergents. At the same time, floor cleaning and mopping to sanitize or disinfect that are not vigorous enough to kill disease-causing surface germs. Our home sanitization services use modern technology, clean-water, and MOH/DHA-approved eco-friendly chemical agents to remove all forms of pathogens from your home. In addition, our team of trained and qualified professional technicians follows strict safety protocols to ensure hygiene and health standards of quality cleaning services. As one of the prominent cleaning companies operating UAE-wide, we offer comprehensive cleaning business including carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, mattress deep-cleaning, water-tank cleaning, sofa cleaning, and more.

Pro-maxcare offers complete home disinfection services Dubai to kill 100% germs on high-touch areas such as door knobs, windows, switches, wash-basins, and toilets. We use special green cleaning chemicals that are odorless, colorless, and safe for human health in these areas. We deliver complete domestic cleaning services comprising of sanitization and disinfection of the entire premises, say it is required for residential cleaning or commercial cleaning services. From restroom sanitization to upholstery, kitchen and laundry disinfection we provide professional cleaning services. You can count on our vetted experts for your daily cleaning needs.

Sometimes contamination from harmful germs cannot be removed by standard methods; therefore, we use ultraviolet equipment for disinfection in addition to environmentally safe cleaning solutions. They can be used on all surfaces like doors and walls for curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, and home appliances. We use fogging, UV light, and pump pressure spraying to guarantee the killing of germs even on hard-to-reach surfaces. Keep your home safe and sanitized with our home disinfection service. Schedule an appointment on call or by filling out a simple form, and our team will contact you for further assistance.

Sanitization and Disinfection Process

Step 1: When you schedule an appointment for home disinfection service, our team will arrive at your venue at the stipulated time. We follow strict COVID safety protocols to ensure your and our staff’s safety.

Step 2: To begin the process of home sanitization services, all surface dirt, dust, pores, and impurities are removed.

Step 3:Our cleaners spray the cleaning products with sanitization tools and equipment for contaminated surface disinfection with sanitizing liquid and let them rest for 15-20 minutes to absorb the liquid.

Step 4:No use of corrosive disinfectants is guaranteed. With a dry cloth, all surfaces are wiped thoroughly to ensure no chemical is left behind, and all surfaces are squeaky-clean.

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