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Trusted Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Professional and trustworthy home maintenance services in Dubai, available on one call with customized packages and deals for plumber and electrical maintenance service. Our home maintenance company is built on quality, reliability, professionalism, and value for money. As a leading hygiene  solutions company, we work day and night to give homeowners the best repair and home maintenance services Dubai. From carpentry, painting, windows and door repairs, roofing, drywall repair,  caulking, kitchen renovation, bathroom modification, door installation, electrical works, HVAC and chimney cleaning, appliances fixing like air conditioners to plumbing services Dubai for kitchen and bathroom, Pro-maxcare offers handymen on appointment and in an emergency. We provide highly skilled, courteous, and capable technicians and professional handymen to ensure quick and guaranteed repair of your home maintenance needs. Our maintenance company in Dubai is the most trusted as we provide the highest quality craftsmanship in repair and home improvement projects.

We are a reliable electrical maintenance company in Dubai. Our experienced electrical maintenance professionals arrive at your home fully equipped to fix problems such as power outages, switch and socket fitting or repair, light fixtures in the porch, or attic, defective wiring, and more in just one visit. We also provide well-trained plumber Dubai to fix all sort of plumbing problems. If you have a leaking toilet, clogged sink, or leaky faucet in the kitchen, our plumbers will get it fixed in no time. Our skilled technicians can repair washing machines, dripping faucets, pipes, and water tank leaks, in addition to other plumbing-related problems in home maintenance services. At our maintenance company in Dubai, the dedicated handyman professionals provide around-the-house maintenance tasks, including changing light bulbs, hanging paintings, yard work, installing fixtures, property maintenance, exterior painting, furniture assembly, and all forms of DIY house tasks. Get in touch today and get a free estimate for all kinds of maintenance services Dubai, like home renovation, remodeling, repair, and maintenance works.

Our Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

Plumbing Services

Plumbing services Dubai are included in the TOP-10 most demanded home maintenance services! Therefore, a plumber Dubai is a very responsible profession that requires special training and qualifications. After all, calling the master at home, each of us expects to receive first-class service and a quality guarantee for many years!

Therefore, in order to protect yourself from trouble, it is best to contact a specialized maintenance company in Dubai for such a service!

A professional plumber Dubai must know in the field of installation and repair of sanitary systems made of steel and polymer pipes, knows how to diagnose and identify defects in a water supply, sewerage, or heating system, knows how to install instrumentation, install plumbing, assemble components and install a heating system, connections, and fastenings of pipelines, as well as the connection of heating devices ( installation of batteries or installation of a heated towel rail ).

Plus, our experienced plumber can perform such work:

  • connection of water meters and root taps,
  • bathroom sink installation
  • kitchen sink installation
  • install a bathtub of any kind,
  • installation of shower cabins
  • toilet installation
  • connect a boiler, instant water heater, and much more.

Electrical Maintenance Services

It is in buildings, offices, retail and industrial premises, warehouses with electrical networks, lighting, and complex engineering equipment (sockets, switches, lamps, circuit breakers, RCDs, transformers, generators, power plants, etc.) necessary to have periodic inspection and maintenance.

Our electrical maintenance company in Dubai provides the following services:

  • Direct maintenance of electrical installations, operation of electrical installations
  • Emergency maintenance of electrical installations, power networks
  • Maintenance, storage, timely change of the electrical installation
  • Maintenance of lamps in working order, replacement of lamps, and repair of lighting fixtures
  • Maintaining the functionality of electrical panels
  • Repair and replacement of faulty switches and sockets
  • Electrical equipment cleaning and maintenance

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Choose the Service

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Schedule Appointment

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Our Other Cleaning Services

Curtain Cleaning

Get the finest curtain cleaning services in Dubai.

Carpet Cleaning

Get the finest carpet cleaning services in Dubai.

AC Duct Cleaning

Most reliable and state-of-the-art AC duct cleaning in the UAE.

Covid Disinfection

Keep your house, office, and surroundings clean with specialized home disinfection service.

Mattress Cleaning

Our diverse services include mattress cleaning using vacuuming, steaming, and shampooing.

Water Tank Cleaning

Ensure the cleanliness of your home with an effective water cleaning service in Dubai.


"It was a great experience to work with the team at Pro-maxcare. The team arrived at the exact time and finished their task on time. They were organized and had the tools to complete the electrical and plumbing services in just one visit. I was happy with their services. I would recommend this to my friends and family. "

"I hired Pro-maxcare home maintenance services to complete some maintenance tasks around my villa that I had been putting off for a long time. They helped me get my home back in order. The prices were also affordable. I only paid for what I asked for with no hidden charges or policies. "

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