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Professional Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai

Cleaning and Disinfection Of Drinking Water Tanks

Stagnant water and poorly managed water storage tank can be a breeding ground for many pathogens, allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Consumption of drinking water from water tanks contaminated with scum, algae, and metallic residue gives a certain odor to potable water. It can cause many water-borne diseases in human beings. Therefore, water tank cleaning on a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis has significant health benefits.

We provide hygiene solutions for thorough water tank cleaning services Dubai performed by vetted technicians to eliminate pathogens and impurities. We use specialized methods and advanced cleaning equipment for our water tank cleaning Dubai. From emptying the water cistern and ducts, scrubbing, mopping, and floor cleaning to refilling the water tank and adding chlorine and other disinfectants, our team takes care of the entire process. As per the health safety protocols by MOH/DM, cleaning of main tanks for buildings is compulsory once a year. Here at Pro-maxcare, we provide hygiene cleaning solutions certified by the authorities. We proactively practice green cleaning methods to disinfect the water from any contamination buildup and make it potable again. No use of bleach, detergents, or any harmful chemicals is guaranteed. We use safe procedures and chemicals for water tank cleaning services. We employ technologically advanced equipment to filter dirt and mud from water tanks following chlorination to eliminate molds and other bacteria and viruses. You can count on our technicians and specialists as they are highly trained and qualified to get the job in no time.

Moreover, with complete disinfecting and sanitization of the water tanks, we also inspect and purify water supply pipelines to and from the water tanks. Our experts ensure that after using our water tank cleaning services Dubai, you get a clean and germ-free water supply all year. As one of Dubai’s most trusted water tank cleaning companies, we aim to serve our customers with prompt and hassle-free cleaning services. We clean all types of water tanks and offer contract cleaning. You can easily schedule an appointment or get a free estimate today from us by phone or online.

Why Choose Us?



Since the prices differ depending on the specification and condition of the cistern we guarantee that you get excellent deep cleaning service in Dubai at the most affordable and competitive prices.

Trained Professionals

Our technicians will expertly supervise the entire water tank cleaning Dubai process from floor cleaning till the washing and cleaning of supply lines is 100% germ-free, and ready to use.

Flexible Scheduling

We provide flexible working hours depending on your availability. You can schedule your water tank cleaning services, and a team will arrive at your place at your given date and time and will take care of all your cleaning needs.

Our uniformed team arrives at your premises at the scheduled time, performs water tank cleaning procedures using environmentally safe cleaning products under the supervision of experts, and stays there till you get potable water running through the supply lines.

Professional Water Tank Cleaning

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